About Us

Many people in organizations find themselves in situations where they know they have to think differently – outside the famous “box” – in order to achieve their objectives but they are at a loss for frameworks and tools. 

Bluecrest Consulting uses an approach and toolkit to energize people inside organizations to develop completely fresh ideas to grow the business – in short, to themselves become entrepreneurial thinkers – instead of arguing over incremental market share growth targets or fighting for more budget.

Shortly after the first book “Blue Ocean Strategy” was published, Lauren Mathys was invited to join the first group of certified Blue Ocean Practitioners by the world-acclaimed INSEAD professors and best-selling authors of Blue Ocean thinking, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. Having already implemented Blue Ocean tools and frameworks with the personal help of W. Chan Kim prior to publication of the book, Lauren’s extent and depth of experience is difficult to surpass and her global network of qualified Blue Ocean coaches is extensive., thus ensuring that the right expert or team of experts will be assembled to meet your particular needs to achieve your goals, in every case.

Why choose us


Expertise in Blue Ocean thinking

Lauren Mathys comes with the recommendation of the authors of Blue Ocean Strategy and has been applying the frameworks and tools for over 10 years from both inside industry and as a coach.

Challenge the status quo

Blue Ocean Strategy gives us a process, the frameworks and the tools to THINK DIFFERENTLY about how to grow the business. Don’t be content to do things “the way they have always been done.” Give Blue Ocean a try for yourself.

Stretch yourself

Are you ready to find out how Blue Ocean thinking can help you? Whether it is to develop a new strategic offering, or to develop your leadership skills, Blue Ocean thinking will help you grow as a manager and a leader.

Founder of Bluecrest Consulting, Lauren Mathys specializes in strategic thinking and leadership frameworks and tools. Her particular area of expertise is in Blue Ocean Strategy and Blue Ocean Leadership; however, Lauren benefits from 20 years of experience working in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry and has had the opportunity to put into practice both competitive strategy and value innovation frameworks and tools in a great number of business areas. During her tenure in the biopharmaceutical industry, Lauren held a variety of positions including Project Manager, Head of R&D Planning and Control, Corporate Director of Strategic Planning, Global Head of Business Intelligence/Pharmacoeconomics/ Marketing Planning, and Corporate Vice President, Strategic Marketing. In this last position, Lauren implemented both competitive strategic thinking and Blue Ocean Strategy thinking across multiple therapy areas in the cross-functional strategic planning process as well as through specific projects internationally.

Since starting Bluecrest Consulting in 2008, Lauren regularly runs coaching & training programs as well as projects focused mainly on Value Innovation in a variety of industries and geographies, including, for example: pharmaceuticals/OTC, transportation, food and dairy, beverages, metal commodities, the water industry, banking, consulting, Oil & Gas, and IT (hardware and software, B2B and B2C).

Lauren has also taught the Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation course to INSEAD MBA students on numerous occasions and has been on the faculty since 2010 for the Blue Ocean Strategy Executive Program at INSEAD which is held twice a year on the Fontainebleau campus and once a year in either the USA or Singapore. Her professional background combined with her BOS experience and expertise brings a practical yet innovative approach to strategy development and execution.

Lauren obtained her Masters in Business Administration from INSEAD, with Blue Ocean Strategy co-author Professor W. Chan Kim as her Strategy Professor, and her undergraduate degree in Political Science from Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. A Swiss and US citizen, Lauren lives just outside of Geneva, Switzerland, travels regularly to the USA and Canada, and speaks English and French fluently.

Lauren Mathys Your Premier Blue Ocean Expert